Technical Animator


1047 Games


1047 Games began with the simple principle that people should have fun while making great games. Bucking convention and driven by a passion to create the ultimate gaming experience, Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bagamian founded 1047 Games in 2017 in their Stanford dorm room. Their love for arena shooters of the past drove them to create Splitgate, a unique sci-fi first-person shooter that adds portal guns to upend the genre. 

What started as two computer science majors putting portals into a first-person shooter for a project demo has evolved into a VC-backed company which has raised more than $120MM in funding. 

At 1047 Games, you’ll find a permanently remote, dedicated team of top-tier talent from some of the world’s biggest gaming and tech companies who share our founders’ vision. Grit, ingenuity, a desire to have fun, and a start up mentality define our crew. We are currently working on a brand new shooter in the Splitgate universe.

What We're Looking For

  • A passionate Technical Animator: You love to take on difficult, seemingly impossible technical problems and dig in to find creative ways to solve them
  • A hard worker: You love to put in the extra effort, not because you are told, but because you enjoy your work and know the impact of finishing the tasks on hand
  • A passionate gamer: You are a gamer who grew up playing games and can recognize what separates exceptional games from the average ones. You understand the mindset of gamers which enables you to create and implement features that will further benefit the game


  • Setup AnimGraphs & animation blueprints with performance and blend quality in mind.
  • Integrate animation content created in Maya and/or Motionbuilder into Unreal Engine.
  • Work with animators, tech artists, and engineers to define, create, maintain, and streamline the animation/asset pipeline.
  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges
  • Collaborate with the Tech Art Team developing tools that support the animation pipeline
  • Provide technical support for the animation team helping to resolve technical issues

Required Skills

  • 5+ years of production experience of technical animation in Games, Feature Film or VFX
  • Unreal Engine experience especially in animation blueprints and AnimGraphs
  • Proven knowledge of scripting (MEL, python or C#)
  • Familiarity with Motionbuilder or Maya API
  • Strong understanding of animation pipelines
  • Passion for FPS games

Desired Skills

  • Minimum of 1 shipped AAA game
  • Good communication skills and experience leading technical teams from the trenches
  • In-depth knowledge of Maya and Motionbuilder

Location: Remote

Date posted: 2023-01-03