Senior VFX Artist



We're currently looking for a Senior Visual Effects Artist who can set a high bar for quality, consistency and performance of visual effects in all of our products from mobile first applications to AAA PC games. The ideal candidate is familiar with industry standard, real-time FX tools, understands performance budgets, creates a wide variety of FX styles, is a skilled communicator and loves taking ownership on projects. Applicants should submit a resume and current portfolio of work. Qualified applicants may be expected to complete a small art test.



  • Collaborate with our Art Director, Game Designers, Software engineers and Product Managers to shape ideas, style and quality
  • Create and animate visual effects for design, aesthetic, and technical requirements
  • Work with Project Management to maintain clear and consistent goals
  • Incorporate internal and user feedback to iterate on visual effects
  • Provide and manage feedback on assets from external vendors
  • Absolutely reliable for the timely creation of 100% technically solid art
  • Is considered a problem solver
  • Motivates peers toward excellence
  • Can be considered to lead art workshops


  • 5+ years of experience creating and animating real-time visual effects in games
  • Expert understanding of Maya or equivalent visual effects packages, competent working with joints and locators, keyframing, and rigid/soft body simulations
  • Advanced understanding of real-time shading networks such as those used in Unreal/Unity
  • Experience using Unreal (including Cascade/Niagra, Material Editor, Blueprints)
  • Experience animating both in 3D and 2D
  • Experience working in an iterative, agile environment
  • Can be relied upon to quickly learn new processes and software as dictated by project needs
  • Self-directed, enthusiastic, positive, embraces critiques
  • Has working knowledge of the games industry and keeps up with innovative games and games that set high visual bars.


  • Other 3D asset creation experience
  • Understanding of traditional art principles including composition, design, and color theory
  • Experience working on photorealistic and highly stylized projects
  • Shader programming (not at all required)
  • Experience with incorporating user testing

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Date posted: 2022-01-20