Senior Technical Lighting Artist


31st Union


Who we are:

We are a diverse team of developers driven by a passion for our art, united by our core values and inspired by a culture of inclusivity to build amazing games that thrill players everywhere. We pursue growth and innovation in an environment of safety and trust. Our culture is built on the belief that the more varied voices in our collective will strengthen our team and our games.  We are looking for our next teammate who will raise our bar and make us better.


What we need:

A passionate and talented Senior Technical Lighting Artist possessing expert level knowledge of PBR, systemic lighting and weather systems, visual scripting, and node based shader authoring skills. You have both a deep understanding of real world physical lighting principles as well as the expertise to create consistent stylized visuals within a physically based render environment.  While the position will report to the Lead Lighting Artist, they will be expecting to be highly self motivated and have experience in guiding and advising multiple disciplines in order to achieve visual and performance targets across a variety of hardware specifications.



  • Create world and local scale lighting systems that evolve over time of day and weather conditions.
  • Improve real time sky, cloud and weather systems in coordination with Lighting, Tech Art, and Engineering
  • Creating tools in either Blueprint or C++ that improve lighting workflows, technical needs, or to achieve visual and render targets.
  • Script lighting, weather, and global fx events around systemic changes necessitated by design and art targets.
  • Work across multiple disciplines to aid or directly author shaders that achieve specific visual and functional needs while always maintaining exceptional performance. 
  • Expected to occasionally be the point person on guiding multidisciplinary teams in achieving specific gameplay and visual targets. 
  • You’ll work with the Lighting Lead and rendering programmers to define and prioritize requests for new tech features, optimization and improved editor workflow
  • Work with Environment, Design and Effects teams to polish, troubleshoot and deliver breathtaking level and gameplay experiences
  • Author volume textures,  modify and expand on cloud and skyscapes, while always keeping in mind the systemic nature of a living world.   


Who you are:

You are a highly skilled system-minded technical artist with a focus on lighting, rendering, and shading. You are comfortable working across teams and leading them into unknown waters by listening to artist needs and developing systems, tools, and pipelines, that facilitate efficient art pipelines while always maintaining optimal performance. You always have an eye on the best way to reach the final pixel and leverage your experience to achieve the best results possible. You are comfortable and excited to take ownership over developing approaches to achieve design and art goals. 


Must Have

  • 5-7 years proven industry experience in Games building lighting tools, driving look development, and advocating for performant solutions.
  • Deep understanding of real time rendering, and deep understanding of physically based rendering. You would have no trouble drawing up diagram illustrating the difference in conservation of energy between specular reflectance and Diffuse reflectance.
  • Thorough understanding of direct/indirect lighting, color space, color theory, exposure, HDR lighting, global illumination and physical based shading
  • Skilled in the use of Maya/Max, Resolve, 
  • Expert at node based shading/ scripting solutions. You can author a variety of elegant solutions for difficult shader needs as well as script both lighting/ weather specific systems and tie into more global game systems.
  • Being both a practitioner and leader in performance on all targeted hardware. 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt in using proprietary tools/engines
  • Thorough knowledge of the game development process

Nice to Have

  • Professional experience writing shader code in HLSL, C++, GLSL, ect
  • Strong experience and understanding of Vector Math
  • Professional experience worthing in other expertises such as Arrt, VFX, Engineering, ect will be viewed as a plus.
  • Shipped 1 or more titles as a technical artist specifically specializing in lighting, render, and/ or shading.
  • Experience with real-time lighting large game worlds a plus
  • Experience developing across the hardware spectrum from mobile, VR, console, PC, ect.  
  • Experience in using deferred lighting within Unreal a plus


SECURITY NOTICE -  We have recently been made aware of increasing occurrences of bad actors posing as company HR personnel to gain information from "potential candidates", in the form of job interviews and offers. These scams can be quite sophisticated and appear legitimate.

Please know that 31st Union and 2K never uses instant messaging apps to contact prospective employees or to conduct interviews.

If you believe you have been a victim of such a scam, you may fill out a complaint form at and detailing as much as possible. We are taking these matters very seriously and apologize for any inconvenience.


Date posted: 2022-07-23