Senior Gameplay Animator


Imagendary Studios

Imagendary Studios is a next generation AAA development studio. Committed to the development of high-quality animation and AAA games, Imagendary currently leads a global team with two office locations in Irvine, California and Xuhui, Shanghai. Driven by an ambition to break the barriers between traditional films and games, Imagendary is dedicated to deliver the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experiences to gamers and audiences across the world.

Job Description:

Imagendary Studios is searching for a highly motivated and talented Senior Gameplay Animator to join our Game Team and provide hands-on animation expertise for an early-stage incubation project. As a Senior Gameplay Animator, you'll work closely with the design team to develop, define, and maintain high-end character, weapon and creature animations.



  • Animate core player movement for traversal and combat that supports unique and dynamic gameplay for a third person action adventure game with an emphasis on ranged combat.
  • Directly responsible for early stage prototypes of core character movement and combat to develop the look and feel of the game.
  • Animate a variety of supporting creatures, enemies and weapons to augment the player experience both in and out of core combat.
  • Utilize key frame animation and motion capture technologies to bring characters, weapons, vehicles, creatures and props to life.  
  • Inform and support all motion capture processes, data, and staff throughout the entire production process.
  • Can easily utilize IK and FK animation principles that bring fidelity and believability to the locomotion of all entities in the game, including the player.
  • Work with the design and animation teams to define and improve our animation methodologies and best practices, along with informing the development of robust tools for animators in a variety of software packages.
  • Collaborate with production to set realistic expectations for quality animation creation in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Consistently communicate with various discipline and strike team members by giving and receiving feedback, advising on next steps, and providing clear goals and outcomes for you and your team.
  • Use your extensive expertise in animation to ensure the product is fun and meets the highest standards of quality, performance, and polish.
  • Function as part of a fast-paced close-knit team: collaborate with artists and tech to achieve a unified vision for our project with an onscreen, results oriented approach.
  • Contribute to the growth of a startup studio.



  • 4+ years of professional triple A 3D animation experience in game development for pilotable characters in a 3rd person context.
  • Highly skilled in all areas of 3D animation and have a strong understanding of animation principles as they apply to core locomotion for bipedal characters.
  • Extremely comfortable with Unreal Engine, v4 and up
  • Fluency animating in Maya, MotionBuilder, or similar software packages.
  • Extremely fluent in animation blending techniques utilizing visual scripting, such as Blueprints, Animation Graphs, Linked Animation Layers and Linked Animation Graphs.
  • Fluent in state machines and maintaining them throughout production for player centric controlled character(s).     
  • Can easily get animation data into and out of Unreal.
  • Strong sense of game design and gameplay in relation to animation.
  • Can inform rigging and technical art disciplines of all animation needs and can clearly communicate these needs through examples and on screen results.
  • Familiarity with cinematography and camera work.  Understand gameplay camera framing from a 3rd person perspective.
  • Able to filter and evaluate artistic critiques on a professional level.
  • Self-starting, self-reliant personality and willing to pitch in on many areas of game development regarding animation support.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.



  • Familiarity with Control Rig and Meta-Human 
  • Love for all things Sci-Fi.
  • Avid 3rd Person gamer.

Imagendary Studios launched in 2021 with the vision to develop the next generation of IP, story, and world building for AAA games and cinematic animations. 

We are committed to building a global community that embraces collaboration, creativity, and delivering the highest quality work. At Imagendary we believe that by building a global community that embraces diversity, authenticity, and inclusivity we will succeed in delivering the most unique and extraordinary entertainment experience to players and audiences across the world. 

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Date posted: 2022-10-29