Senior Engine Programmer


Ready At Dawn

Senior Engine Programmer

Ready At Dawn is looking for a Senior Engine Programmer to join us in creating high profile original titles in VR, ranging from social and competitive multiplayer to character driven action and adventure single-player games. Candidates should be passionate about the engine side of game development and help the team maintain, expand and innovate within Ready At Dawn’s proprietary game engine.

• Maintain and extend the graphics engine on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms
• Break new ground in visual effects
• Optimize graphics techniques to meet desired frame rate

• Excellent C/C++ skills
• 5+ years of PC or console development experience
• Extensive knowledge of low-level shader programming and GPU hardware
• Knowledgeable in a variety of special FX techniques
• Familiar with game asset pipelines
• Ability to collaborate with artists on graphics techniques
• Experienced with different lighting solutions
• Ability to work independently and to be self directed
• Excellent team and communication skills
• Self motivation with a strong work ethic
• A passion for game development
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
• Strong math background

• Shipped AAA title
• Familiar with the latest research in physically-based rendering techniques
• Experience with character animation
• Knowledge of DirectX 12 or Vulkan graphics API’s
• Experience augmenting V/FX Pipelines

Location: Irvine, CA

Date posted: 2021-12-11