Senior Core Systems Programmer


Build A Rocket Boy

As a Senior Core Systems Programmer, you will develop and maintain engine core systems in our current and future AAA projects. You will collaborate with other departments to identify required work and architect complex code systems to support other programming and content creation departments. You are a team player, work well with multiple departments in a cross-disciplinary team, and use your experience to mentor and guide other members of the team.

We would consider candidates looking for remote work for this position. 



  • Design, implement, and maintain complex core systems supporting an ambitious AAA multiplayer game.
  • Analyze and debug issues with gameplay and engine code.
  • Profile and optimize critical systems, and guide other departments in creating optimal assets and content.
  • Collaborate with other teams to extend the engine with performant and high-quality systems.
  • Be vigilant for and report new problems, delays, and risks to the appropriate Lead/Director.
  • Mentor members of the team and help them grow as programmers in a collaborative environment.



  • 3+ years of experience as Programmer in the game industry working on engine or core tech features.
  • Strong C++ programming and debugging skills.
  • Experience profiling and optimizing code.
  • Good algorithm and data structure skills (including time and space complexity and real-world vs theoretical performance of basic data structures).
  • Strong understanding of multi-threaded programming concepts.
  • Strong understanding of modern CPU and GPU architectures.



  • Shipped at least one multi-platform game on PC and current gen consoles.


Build A Rocket Boy is developing EVERYWHERE; an experience with a breadth of unimaginable gameplay adventure.

We are a mix of industry leading veterans whose credits include some of the best selling and most loved games of all time. We’re a creative digital entertainment studio with an open and progressive methodology, dedicated to delivering games of the highest calibre possible. 

If you want to feel comfortable, inspired, and appreciated in your work pursuits then come join us. We have offices in Edinburgh, Budapest and consider WFH candidates.


Date posted: 2022-07-23