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The PlayStation brand falls under Sony Interactive Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

PlayStation Studios Visual Arts and PlayStation Studios Malaysia are both passionate teams within the PlayStation family, made up of game and film industry professionals from all over the world.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, the teams work with studios like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Santa Monica Studios, Guerrilla Games, Bend Studios, SuckerPunch, San Diego Studio, Japan Studios, and more PlayStation first-party teams, providing world-class content development and services to these studios. 

Currently working on PlayStation’s well-known and well-loved franchises, our Animation team in PlayStation Studios Malaysia is looking for talented, highly-motivated and creative Senior Animators to breathe life into the next chapter of in-game and cinematic storytelling.

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  • Comprehend and execute direction from Animation Manager/ Supervisor.
  • Establish quality standards by creating compelling character performances, utilizing motion capture and keyframe animation technics.
  •  Help to maintain the quality standards by establishing guidelines and documenting requirements for the look and quality bar of the animation.
  • Coach/ Mentor junior members in the animator team in maintaining/ exceeding the required level of productivity for creation of computer-generated in-game/ cinematic animation, which may include the following: -
    • Creating game animation elements and implementing them in a game engine.
    • Work within the toolset and workflow for keyframe and/or motion capture production.
    • Create in-game and pre-rendered animation according to the direction of the client and project.
    • Create body and facial animation for human characters, along with animation for creatures, vehicles, props, and other assets to be integrated into in-game engines and/or cinematic sequences.
  • Communicate updates and creative goals while also offering up potential, effective solutions to challenges.
  • Understand, interpret and adopt feedback from supervisors and/ or clients alike to improve production outcome/ performance.
  • Balance high expectations of production outcome/ performance with production schedules and milestone requirements.
  • Collaborate with the technical art and engineering team to help establish, iterate, and refine the animation tools, pipeline and systems requirements.
  • Work closely with the Design and Production teams to plan, prioritize, and assign tasks to animation team members.
  • Contribute to a creative, collaborative and fun working atmosphere amongst the team.


  • Expert and hands-on knowledge of Maya for animation, both aesthetically and technically.
  • Deep understanding of character animation and movements, both aesthetically and realistically.
  • Keen understanding of animation production pipelines for character animation, motion capture animation, and technical animation.
  • Ability to create high quality, story-driven performance animation.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and articulate eloquently, especially in offering productive opinions while evaluating the work of junior members in the team.
  • A strong team member, able to collaborate with a wide range of peers, leads, supervisors, producers, and management in an open working environment.
  • Flexible in taking changes in direction while working within the defined procedures.


  • Understanding of MotionBuilder.
  • Strong pre-production skills including, but not limited to, thumbnailing, storyboarding, and animatics.



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Location: Malaysia, Petaling Jaya

Country: Malaysia

Date found: 2023-02-02

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