QA Analyst - Budapest


Build A Rocket Boy

The QA Analyst has a key role in ensuring our game, EVERYWHERE, is as good as it can be. While most of your daily work will be testing the game and different tools, as a support team we are in continuous contact with many people working on the project and provide help with anything we can. 

This is a varied job where you will have to rely on your knowledge of games, technical and soft skills. 
On an average day you might be going through a list of test cases, coordinating with an artist to investigate a complex issue or collect performance statistics. 

The position is ideal for someone with an interest in video game development, who might have already taken some steps in it. If you’ve experimented with something like 3D modelling, game scripting or making lengthy tutorials, we’d love to hear about you. 



  • Evaluate and give feedback on the game, development tools and game assets. 
  • Support the development by completing requests for colleagues in an effective and thorough manner. 
  • Communicate with all levels of staff regularly, using tickets, reports, and live chat. 
  • Contribute to the review and improvement of workflows and documentation. 


What we are looking for: 

  • Passion for games. 
    You don’t just play them, but often analyze what makes a given game great and think about how they are made. 
  • Technically proficient. 
    You are comfortable with widely used software as Windows or the MS Office suite and probably also experimented with some games related ones, like game engines or 3D modelling software. Learning how to use something new isn't making you panic either. 
  • Problem solver.
    You enjoy a challenge and thinking about solutions to complex problems. You don't say "I can't", but usually go with "I'll see what I can do."
  • Strong communicator. 
    You communicate openly and in a professional manner. You can pass on information clearly, keep a positive atmosphere and listen to others.
  • Dedicated and persistent. 
    You keep going forward, even when the task you must do is monotonous or less fun. You find things to do for yourself and never sit around bored, waiting on others to tell you what to work on.
  • Team player. 
    You have no problems cooperating with others, enjoy helping people and happy to be part of a group.


Awesome to have: 

  • QA Experience within the games industry.
  • Experience with game content creation or game engines.
  • Any knowledge of programming or scripting.
  • Some understanding of games testing, development and the bug lifecycle.
  • Experience using version control software, handling different branches and moving between file revisions.


Build A Rocket Boy is developing EVERYWHERE; an experience with a breadth of unimaginable gameplay adventure.

We are a mix of industry leading veterans whose credits include some of the best selling and most loved games of all time. We’re a creative digital entertainment studio with an open and progressive methodology, dedicated to delivering games of the highest calibre possible. 

If you want to feel comfortable, inspired, and appreciated in your work pursuits then come join us. We have offices in Edinburgh and Budapest.


Date posted: 2022-07-23