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GetMega is one of the first skill based Real Money Gaming platform for the smartphone generation of the world. We are building a platform where players are pitted against each other to compete in various games requiring skills like Reaction, Attention, Spatial and Logic Reasoning, Visual and Auditory Processing etc. We haver games accross various categories including some of the well known cards and casual game. You should definitely checkout our app at

GetMega is founded by two Computer Sciences Undergraduates from IIT Kanpur who have previously run and sold VC funded startup in the logistics domain. We are based out of Bengaluru, India and have raised multi-million dollar funding from Top-Tier Institutional Venture Capitalists to disrupt the multi-billion dollar skill based gaming market around the world.

When you watch anything in motion, do you save it in your memory as a reference for your future work? Do you aspire to handle impactful video projects end-to-end? We are looking for excellent motion graphics artists, who will also quickly pick up video editing skills on the side.

Values of a Motion Graphics Artist:

Storytelling skills: You should be a cinema buff, in love with deep research, and be able to tell an engaging story visually.
Eagerness to learn: If it doesn’t impress you, it won’t impress us, and it won’t impress our consumers. You should be able to see your own flaws and constantly learn from them. Keep upgrading your technical skills to keep growing as an artist.
Taking ownership: We are looking for people who don’t need frequent guidance in their execution. The ability to understand what is required, and to be able to step into the shoes of the consumer is very important.
Data is Gold: Everything runs on data here, and the creative team is no exception. You should be comfortable with continuous experimentation, learning from data, and incorporating those learnings into your work.
All hands on deck: The brand team is a heady concoction of artists, content developers, designers,  animators, and musicians. Giving & taking constructive feedback is an inseparable part of everyone’s job. Apart from this, you’ll broaden your horizons by working closely with the game art and social media teams - on a requirement basis.

What should you deeply care about?

    • You should have a good eye for detail, composition, colour.
    • You should love to iterate, and bring unique nuances to your animations.
    • You should be willing to develop your skills in video editing, script writing, storyboarding - basically the entire video production process end-to-end
    • You should be naturally curious about the market performance of your output, and should rapidly absorb & incorporate learnings from market data.

What would you be doing?

    • Deep research / referencing for the required output and staying on top of upcoming trends and styles, to ensure our creatives are relevant and in sync with the same.
    • Designing & animating layouts through softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects with a deep understanding of our brand guidelines.
    • Bringing your imagination to life quickly through iterative processes and multitasking in a fast-paced environment - while maintaining high quality standards of execution. Creation with extreme speed & agility is crucial to keep pace with the growing needs of the company.
    • Having a highly organised workspace, so that collaboration with other artists is smooth. Working closely with graphic designers, game artists, product designers to acquire art assets. Layering the provided assets to support your animation workflow.
    • Creating different adaptations of the same project (with respect to dimension & duration) to suit the desired platform & the business requirements

Superpowers you’ll need to be a success in this role

    • Special interest in story-telling and storyboarding.
    • Advanced skills in Adobe After Effects
    • Advanced keyframing (using graph editor)
    • Character rigging
    • Good understanding of different effects and presets available in After Effects
    • Good understanding of the After Effects 3D space
    • 3D camera animation techniques
    • Advanced understanding of technicalities such as parenting, expressions, scripts.
    • Intermediate skills in creating layouts & video editing on Adobe Premiere
    • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
    • Ability to adapt to situations, work under pressure
    • Ability to handle multiple projects at once
    • The eagerness to learn new softwares
    • The ability to work in a team harmoniously
    • Willingness to understand the market performance of your creatives, and to incorporate that feedback into your future work

What would you get from GetMega?

    • The rare opportunity to join one of the hottest Indian startups with multi-million dollar funding. We are not just another gaming studio, but are creating the largest skilling platform in the world.
    • Obvious sweet perks like daily catered breakfast and lunches, endless coffee, and dry snacks. We believe in enabling our employees by removing trivial tasks like packing breakfast/ordering lunch/going out for coffee etc.
    • Swanky custom-built office space. It's a fact that any individual spends a major portion of their lives in office. There's no reason to cut corners in providing the best office space ever.
    • Reimbursements. The company will reimburse any expense made by an employee to reach our goals. Period.
    • We are open to giving out any benefits which will further empower our employees to create the GetMega which we collectively envision.
GetMega is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops individuals of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all applicants. 
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Date posted: 1970-01-01