Lead Artist


Ready At Dawn

Lead Artist

Ready At Dawn is looking for a Lead Artist to join us in creating high profile original titles in VR, ranging from social and competitive multiplayer to character driven action and adventure single-player games.

The Lead Artist is a 3d art generalist, with an excellent mix of aesthetic, technical, and communication skills, who has a passion for creating VR games. The Lead Artist would lead the art efforts for our Echo VR projects. This role is part R&D artist, part aesthetic guide, part problem solver, and helps to propose creative solutions to challenging visual problems, as well as working to support and empower the entire art team in making gameplay experiences that are fun, intuitive, and visually stunning.

In this leadership role we are also looking for a strong ability to serve as an advocate for the art team, to help nurture and guide other artists, through both mentorship and critique, as well as serve as a passionate collaborative partner alongside the design and gameplay teams to prototyping unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

The Lead Artist is also very much involved in helping to advance the overall studio art process through R&D and pipeline development, alongside the various art, tools, and engine teams.


• Collaborate with Design and Gameplay teams to prototype compelling multiplayer levels, characters, and social player experiences
• Provide guidance and mentorship to other artists on the team, as well as reviews and critiques for external artists
• Help establish and maintain both aesthetic quality and technical performance standards (poly count, memory, draw calls, etc.)
• Work with the art team to guide creative and engine-efficient art solutions for complex visual problems
• Collaborate with tools and engine teams to continually improve upon our custom workflows and technology


• Experience as a 3D Artist in games in a Lead or Senior level role
• Excellent communication and collaborative problem solving skills
• Excellent attention to detail for both aesthetic and technical quality
• Generalist understanding of a number of CG disciplines (modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, and post-process fx)
• Passion for games, with an ability to critically analyze them

Location: Irvine, CA

Date posted: 2021-12-11