Junior Game Economy Designer

Company Description

About Gameloft Hungary:

Our studio has been operating in Budapest for more than 9 years, and our goal is to develop casual and mid-core games that bring relaxation and fun to millions of users on a daily basis. Until now we worked on games like Iron Man 3, City Mania, Disney Getaway Blast and Dragon Mania Legends. The latter is one of Gameloft's most successful projects, with well over 50 million downloads!

What can you expect from us?

•  We are an 80-person game development studio in downtown Budapest
•  We have diverse backgrounds and we all love to work on games and share ideas with each others
•  The team will be international, we have several foreign colleagues
•  Exercising your creativity when solving tasks is much appreciated
•  You may be working on games using famous brands such as Marvel or Disney

Why work for us?

•  We are creating awesome games enjoyed by millions of players worldwide
•  Our office is in the downtown area, Boráros Square. It is on the Pest side of the Petofi bridge, and can be easily reached by public transport
•  We have a flexible work schedule that can fit in most of your requirements (Also in this current global situation we are working from home)
•  Good performance is always recognized, so if the game you're working on makes a profit, you will receive regular bonuses
•  Never go to work on your birthday (you get extra leave for that day)
•  We value health, which is why all our employees benefit from a private health insurance plan. This includes free access to an unlimited number of specialist appointments, an annual health screenings, as well as flu vaccinations
•  Every summer we have a studio wide team building activity
•  Every year we organize several Game Jams where we take care of the food and drinks and you can just focus on having fun alongside your teammates
•  Coffee and tea are always at your disposal in the office
•  We have an Employee Assistance Program (legal, financial, life management and mental health services)
•  You'll also get a fitness pass which gives you access to all Life1 venues in the city

Job Description

As a Junior game economy designer, your responsibility is to understand how a game works as a service for its customers and how the customers behave in it. You will utilize game settings and economy parameters in order to secure project KPIs and create balanced gameplay experience.

Your day to day duties include:
• Defining the virtual products and their statistics with the development team, and understanding how each of them contributes to the game dynamics.
• Balancing the needs for those virtual products, their relation, life cycle, and their streams of availability.
• Balancing in-game systems in order to deliver best possible user experience and build up short and long term engagement.
• Analyze the evolution of the metrics you defined to spot monetization bottlenecks and facilitators. Report suggestions for the game design or strategy accordingly.


This is a position requiring a mix of strong economy and marketing knowledge with passion for analytical game design and free-to-play business model.


• Sensitivity to gameplay and game design, understanding how to build needs and emotions in the context of a game
• Analytical and formal thinking, able to break problems down in their key variables and identify the relations between them
• Econometrics skills, able to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data
• Statistic knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design
• Marketing knowledge, able to formulate adequate selling strategies to improve the financial performance


• Degree in Economics, Business Management, Statistics or Computer science
• Fluent written and spoken English, concise writing skills
• Mastery of Excel
• Up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play market
• Passion for games


• Previous experience in game industry
• Previous experience in econometrics / data mining
• Experience with UI prototyping tools
• Understanding of SQL and/or Python.

Additional Information

What will happen when you apply?

You can apply with your English CV. Please note that our system can't handle files that exceed 10 MB, so if your CV/portfolio exceed the file limit, please upload it to eg. Google Drive or Dropbox and send us an access link.

We would be happy to see some words about your motivation and do not hesitate to share with us if you play any video or mobile games.

At Gameloft, we believe in diversity, so no applicant will be discriminated against based on criteria such as gender, age, gender identity, religion, nationality, etc ...

Your CV will be reviewed by our lead game economy designer, and if we find it relevant, one of our colleagues from HR will contact you.

Next there will be a home test, followed by a chat with one of our HR colleagues and later with our Studio Manager and one of our Game Managers. They will give you specific details about the job and you can ask them anything you are interested in knowing about working here. As you will be in our studio, you will have a chance to look into the Gameloft environment and atmosphere as well.

The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks, but in the current global situation it could be slightly longer.

If the test fails, we will notify you within 2-3 days. You will certainly receive feedback from us about the process, but you can also track the status of your application through our application system.

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Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date posted: 2021-12-16