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Innovation Senior Software Engineer

For this software engineering role, we are looking for someone to join our future forward concepting team as a contributor and collaborator on new projects. The Future Forward Concepting team looks at a broad range of potential opportunities, seeking to find novel and interesting technology applications to solve real problems our users have.

The ideal candidate for this position would be someone who relentlessly questions the existing methods and techniques for solving problems. Asking “Why?” as a result of a particular interaction or software feature is ideal. We are seeking a collaborator, not necessarily someone who is going to be on the hook for endless tasks in Jira with the rigors and ceremonies of typical software development.

The concepting group may move from project to project, and we would expect the right candidate to be excited by change and the challenge of context switching between many ideas.


Collaborators we’re looking for possess similar traits to those outlined below:


  • Ubiquitous Assimilation – We constantly look at the market, players, the business, technology and other spaces and perform our alchemy on all of these ideas endlessly.  Do you have a keen eye for spotting trends or gaps in the market? Do you keep up to date with the latest in technology, science, or engineering practices? Do you endlessly want to discuss and brainstorm ways to apply that knowledge to new products and services?

  • Asking Why? – The most potent activity of innovation is asking questions and looking for their answers.  We constantly ask ourselves and others questions about the status quo, looking to not upend the way we work but to find new and interesting ways users may want to play. 

  • Charting the Unknown – We’re at the tip of the spear for a huge business.  We necessarily work within the realm of the unknown, and as such need to do a lot of definition of what’s possible. Do you like to share information with others? Do you have a keen sense of what's important versus what’s fluff? 

  • Understanding Failure – Not every idea is a good one.  Often we find that an idea we can kill quickly gives us critical information that helps us to define what not to do.  This is one of the most important aspects of a collaborator. 

  • Efficiency – Understanding what you can build, why you should build it, and what not to build are just as crucial as the opposites.  Being efficient as a collaborator is about knowing what is necessary to build in order to answer specific and important questions.  Knowing how high fidelity that construction is can also be critically important. 


If any of the above sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Relevant Experience or Education

  • Experience with modern web technologies, such as EcmaScript, WebRTC, Websockets, and so on.. 

  • Experience with or exposure to other programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, Java, or Rust.

  • Some real world experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Svelte, or Vue.

  • Some experience with internet infrastructure (Servers, databases, etc), preferably AWS. 

  • Strong written communication skills - This is a must, as most of our output relies on clear, concise written text. 

  • A strong self-motivating sense of direction and interest -- as a remote employee, there are expectations that you set your time and hours appropriately and communicate clearly and openly on progress, status, and deliverables.

  • Experience working with Github tools (Issues, Pull Requests, Projects, Actions)


Responsibilities and Role Definition

As part of the Future Forward Concepting team, this position’s primary role is to contribute to and collaborate with the team on various software development projects.  This contribution can take many forms depending on the project: 


  • Working on building prototypes in the browser

  • Collaborating in a virtual whiteboard brainstorm sessions

  • Writing a brief on a given idea or technology, either in Figma, Powerpoint, or other tools

  • Implementation of key features or user interfaces that are high performance and well architected

  • Participating in the testing and evaluation of prototype experiences

  • Providing subjective and objective feedback on existing services and technologies.


As a senior engineer on the team, the primary responsibility of this role is to provide technical expertise and execution skills to take ideas from the paper to prototypes and beyond.  Often, we will have collaboration sessions over video conferencing or utilizing tools such as Figma or Miro. 




Equal Opportunity Statement:

Sony is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All persons will receive consideration for employment without regard to gender (including gender identity, gender expression and gender reassignment), race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, disability, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, trade union membership or membership in any other legally protected category.

We strive to create an inclusive environment, empower employees and embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to respond.

PlayStation is a Fair Chance employer and qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records will be considered for employment.


Date posted: 2022-07-23