Gameplay Programmer 2


Ready At Dawn

Gameplay Programmer

Ready At Dawn is looking for a Gameplay Programmer to join us in creating high profile original titles in VR, ranging from social and competitive multiplayer to character driven action and adventure single-player games.

Gameplay programmers code content like enemy AI, weapons, character controls, and other functionality within an established framework. Gameplay programmers also create technical specifications for gameplaysystems that meet the requirements of the design and art teams as well as fleshing out, expanding, and implementing game designs.

The ideal candidates should:

  • Have experience contributing to a wide variety of gameplay systems,  such as player controls, game rules, scripting, weapons, and AI
  • Understand all aspects of game programming including rendering and physics
  • Be fluent in C++ and demonstrate knowledge of good object oriented  software engineering practices
  • Have a solid understanding of 3D mathematics.
  • Possess exceptional problem solving and debugging skills
  • Be able to write well-structured, readable code
  • Strive to add the extra polish that truly sets games apart

Experience Level:

3+ years of professional experience

Location: Irvine, CA

Date posted: 2021-12-11