Destiny Narrative Director



Destiny stands at potential’s precipice. With an MMO game in market since 2014 and new projects underway, Bungie is looking for a Narrative Director who can both incept and upgrade a cohesive vision for stories and characters that help expand our Universe. This Narrative Director will oversee Destiny Universe storytelling across multiple platforms working with internal teams and external partners.

In this role, you will align Narrative Leadership around the future vision for the Destiny Universe, firmly planting stakes in the ground for fans to enjoy for decades to come. You will play a critical role in ensuring we create outstanding and authentic Destiny universe narrative experiences by driving internal documentation and working across groups to ensure creative goals are aligned.



  • Develops creative and compelling concepts that further Destiny’s narrative brand identity
  • Work with the Destiny Universe leadership to define and explore thematic hooks and settings for products in the Destiny universe
  • Work with narrative leadership across projects to ensure connection, consistency and pacing realize the potential Destiny offers
  • Design and uphold the framework for projects in the Destiny universe through project-specific world-building documentation
  • Collaborate with universe, extension, and development teams to deliver scenario documentation
  • Enhance existing characters and drive the creation of new characters in Destiny
  • Ideate and conceptualize narrative content that speaks to a broad array of audiences
  • Encourage collaboration and overcome creative challenges while simultaneously meeting business objectives
  • Shape the Destiny Universe and build its identity for current and future products
  • Develop a long-range universe plan and design that creates new fans and delights existing fans through narrative executions
  • Govern, manage, and protect all the characters in the universe
  • Generates ideas on new ways of utilizing new media within our products


  • Experience in Narrative development within game, film, publishing, and/or other IP management
  • Master of grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Ability to identify and resolve conflicts with members of various disciplines and external partners in a clear and efficient manner
  • High degree of emotional intelligence, great interpersonal skills, and empathy for creative teams
  • Ability to clearly communicate information and provide feedback that encourages growth and change when necessary
  • Organization and attention to detail: ability recognize both small and large details with a high level of accuracy to maintain consistency in the style and tone of the product
  • Willing, able, and bold enough to expand an IP already beloved by millions, regardless of the outcomes
  • Passion, understanding, and enthusiasm for Destiny Universe and/or creative worlds

Most Bungie full-time employees will adopt a digital first approach allowing remote work in Bungie approved locations (outside of positions identified as 100% onsite in Bellevue/Seattle, or individuals preferring a hybrid/flex environment). Prospective full-time employees located outside of CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OR, TX, UT, VA, WA, or WI will need to establish residency in one of the states we are compliant in within 45 days of a start date. Contractors will follow a digital first approach adhering to the location guidelines agreed upon by our third-party employer/vendor and Bungie. Bungie’s remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion. 


Date posted: 2022-07-23