Destiny Associate Gameplay Designer, Abilities



Do you love the challenge of designing great gameplay?  Are you excited to do the hard work of creating understanding across a large team to what you are trying to achieve, and take them along for the journey through development?  Do you obsess over core game feel like camera FOV/shake changes, controller rumble values, and other behind the scenes tuning knobs? Are you a game designer looking to work on AAA games with talented and passionate people in a team environment? If so we have the job for you! Bungie is looking for a passionate, creative and hard-working Gameplay Designer for Destiny. 

As an Abilities Gameplay Designer, you will work closely with the entire Abilities Team designing, crafting, and implementing a robust sandbox of gameplay systems and content. You will collaborate with team members from other disciplines to drive a holistic gameplay experience. You will contribute to the design processes to ensure your work is the very best it can possibly be. 


  • Help build compelling second-to-second gameplay experiences
  • Collaboratively design, implement and balance top notch abilities gameplay
  • Make the gameplay experience accessible to as many people as possible
  • Work with audio, effects and animation artists to make in-game cause and effect clear to players
  • Execute on features that match the creative direction of the game
  • Exercise strong player empathy to put yourself in the shoes of players with various competencies, desires, and skill levels 


  • Intuitive understanding of how second-to-second action games work and why people play them
  • A strong passion for game feel with a focus on the mechanics and philosophies that drive it 
  • Portfolio demonstrating the drive to make great feeling action gameplay 
  • Entry level understanding of game engines, technology and the game development process 
  • Experience with many modes of online play 
  • Passion for collaboration with designers, artists, programmers, musicians, testers, and producers to achieve a common goal 
  • Dedication to contributing to a positive work environment 
  • Ability to take direction and execute on goals 
  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative 
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills 

Most Bungie full-time employees will adopt a digital first approach allowing remote work in Bungie approved locations (outside of positions identified as 100% onsite in Bellevue/Seattle, or individuals preferring a hybrid/flex environment). Prospective full-time employees located outside of CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OR, TX, UT, VA, WA, or WI will need to establish residency in one of the states we are compliant in within 45 days of a start date. Contractors will follow a digital first approach adhering to the location guidelines agreed upon by our third-party employer/vendor and Bungie. Bungie’s remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion. 


Date posted: 2022-07-23