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Ready At Dawn

Art Director

Join Ready At Dawn and the Echo VR team, to help guide the future of social and competitive multiplayer gaming in VR!  We are seeking an experienced Art Director excited about making an impact on the future of the VR medium and building up an Art team to carry forth the vision of the Echo VR franchise into the future.

The ideal candidate for the Art Director role is an experienced manager and team builder with a background knowledge across many aspects of CG and video art, an excellent mix of aesthetic, technical, and communication skills, and a passion for creating VR games and leading a team of artists in a highly collaborative environment.

In this leadership position we are also looking for experience in recruiting and building a dedicated art team, nurturing and guide other artists through both mentorship and critique, and serving as a passionate collaborative partner alongside the Design and Gameplay leadership to prototyping unique and engaging gameplay experiences.  Ultimately the Art Director’s role is to support and empower the entire art team on Echo VR to make gameplay experiences that are fun, intuitive, and visually stunning in VR.


  • Prior experience recruiting and leading a diverse team of artists
  • Experience with effectively communicating and building supportive and collaborative relationships with other cross-functional groups, such as game design and engineering
  • Understanding of various facets of CG content creation (ex: modeling, texturing, shading, and lighting)
  • Experience in providing critical analysis of in-game visuals, with an emphasis on successfully achieving game design goals as well as aesthetic and technical quality

Position Responsibilities:

  • Manage and mentor a multidisciplinary team of artists and art leads to define the aesthetic vision and production execution of the future of the Echo VR franchise.
  • Work with the internal studio Art Outsource Manager to define objectives and feedback standards for outsource vendors, as appropriate to the determined needs of the project
  • Facilitate collaboration with Design and Gameplay teams to prototype new gameplay and social experiences for the expansion of the franchise, as well as season pass content releases for levels, characters, and customizable player content
  • Oversee the content pipeline for the project, supported by art leadership on their team. The Art Director is responsible for supporting and encouraging artists to work with tools and engine teams to continually improve upon our custom workflows and technology, evolving and maintain a solid process for asset development for the present and future needs of the project
  • Help establish and maintain both aesthetic quality and technical performance standards (poly count, memory, draw calls, etc.)
  • Work with the art team to guide creative and engine-efficient art solutions for complex visual and design problems

Submitted demo reels must include samples of previous work and an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted along with resume featuring references.

Please send samples of your work with your application.

Location: Irvine, CA

Date posted: 2021-12-11