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GetMega is one of the first skill based Real Money Gaming platform for the smartphone generation of the world. We are building a platform where players are pitted against each other to compete in various games requiring skills like Reaction, Attention, Spatial and Logic Reasoning, Visual and Auditory Processing etc. We haver games accross various categories including some of the well known cards and casual game. You should definitely checkout our app at

GetMega is founded by two Computer Sciences Undergraduates from IIT Kanpur who have previously run and sold VC funded startup in the logistics domain. We are based out of Bengaluru, India and have raised multi-million dollar funding from Top-Tier Institutional Venture Capitalists to disrupt the multi-billion dollar skill based gaming market around the world.

Do you dream of frames, layers, textures, lights, camera and action, and then wake up and dream of editing, sound and rendering as well? Do you draw in 2D and think in 3D? Do you find yourself saving ads, videos and film clips just to reference the right scene, the right motion, the right sound, the right feel, the right theme?  If yes, we think we have something special for you. We are looking for an Animation Lead who can lead the animation team to imagine, plan and create memorable ad campaigns, game environments and delightful animations, product videos & short films.

Values of an Animation Lead

    • Love all tḩings animation: If you find yourself drawing on tissues and notebooks, and find yourself saving references across reel & real life - across all audio-visual mediums - dreams, games, films, animations and the internet, then you have it sorted!
    • Take creative ownership: Do you see yourself putting in the effort to make sure your vision is realised to the T? Can you see yourself scanning a video frame-by-frame to ensure it looks great, sounds better, and feels perfect? Because that is exactly what you’ll need to do, as your creative vision will define the aesthetic output of the animation team, as well as assist video & motion graphics teams.
    • Imagine!: You should be able to think of memorable game worlds, delightful micro-animations, interesting visuals and unique sounds, for conceptualising videos based on the given brief.
    • Articulate!: More often than not, it’s the ability to quote the right source, describe the right emotion & the right motion, and give exact directions & techniques that make the difference between a nice attempt and a great work.
    • Direct creative & production teams: With your experience and expertise, you will guide these animation teams to consistently deliver innovative, aesthetically superlative work.
    • Get involved: You will not only guide & motivate, but also dive deep into video & game art conceptualisation, pre-production, production planning, budgeting, production, post-production, soundscaping and more.
    • Formulate design briefs: Half the solution is framing the question correctly! You will conduct research, plan production and write briefs for your teams from the given requirements.
    • Maintain brand consistency: All it takes is a look, because people do judge a book by its cover! If you can imagine what the colour grade should look like, if you can tell if the character design, lighting and texture match the brand emotion - then you are there! Ultimately, you will be maintaining the look across all animation content, that is in line with the brand’s personality and values.
    • Pay attention to detail: You should enjoy adding (or removing) elements that enhance the mood of games and videos, and find joy in fixing even the smallest of errors. The devil is in the details!
    • Data-driven attitude: We don’t shoot in the blind, and neither should you. We take decisions based on a blend of data, observation, and learned intuition. You should be able to constantly optimise, refine and run experiments based on past successes and failures. Hit the bull’s eye with data!
    • Precision Planner: Entertainment, entertainment & entertainment needs planning, planning and planning. From coordinating with product teams to dealing with voice artists & live shoots, to delivering game animations & videos on time, you will need patience and planning on your side to deliver perfectly.
    • Play for the team: You’ll be a part of a dynamic startup, working under a Creative Director, alongside Video & Content heads. You’ll get to work with different artists, writers, developers, planners, designers, directors, & musicians. You should be willing to seek feedback from others & give them constructive feedback as well. You’ll also be working with product, game & growth teams as well.
    • Process Process Process: To innovate, scale and optimise for delivering quality while respecting timelines, it becomes essential that we formulate adequate processes for technical as well as creative projects, and ensure that such processes are followed & properly documented.
    • Keep it fun!: When we keep working under timelines, we can sometimes lose sight of why we even started in the first place! It is absolutely essential that you talk to the artists & the teams, and design processes in a way that keeps work fun & engaging for them & for you! This especially becomes important since we are scaling at a rapid pace.

What you should deeply care about

    • The art & the craft of animation, having imagination, and providing constructive criticism
    • Developing & maintaining a recognizable, lasting & unique brand style across games, ads & other audio-visual creative
    • Ensuring that the production process remains fluid, frugal, flexible, but clearly defined & time-bound
    • Forever evolving & experimenting with styles as an artist

What you’d be doing

    • Be the point of contact between the Creative Director, managers and the artists at GetMega.
    • Ensure smooth flow of work while adhering to the timelines and managing available art resources at hand.
    • Lead a team of animators, illustrators & graphic artists, and create production plans for required animation deliverables - game art & animations, product videos, tutorials, mixed media ads, social media videos
    • Provide timely, positive & relevant feedback that minimises the total time taken to animate videos & maintain aesthetic consistency
    • Take every piece of work from good to great, using your aesthetic sense. Provide detailed, articulate, constructive criticism to the illustrators, animators, motion artists, writers on each creative they produce, and perform final checks on the finished deliverables.
    • Lead brainstorming sessions with the team to generate ideas for brand campaigns, social media series, product videos and more
    • Mentor junior artists on a need-basis
    • Manage different points of view & conflicts between individual team members & between sub-teams
    • Bring your imagination to life quickly, through iterative processes & multitasking in a fast-paced environment
    • Collaborate with the game design / animation / video / social media /content managers and align your animation sensibilities with aesthetic & business objectives
    • Maintain archives & documentation of the audio-visual output of the entire animation team, and ensuring optimum workflow across the production pipeline
    • Develop a deep understanding of colours, composition, motion & sound, and create animation guidelines to be adapted across teams
    • Double up as a contributor to product design, video production & media distribution, to broaden your horizons

Superpowers you’ll need to be a success in this role

    • Special interest in games, animation, branding & sensory story-telling
    • Being proactive & agile, that’ll ensure we stay ahead of the rapidly changing market
    • The ability to plan well, execute fast, deliver before time, & stay on top of the work schedule
    • The vision to mentor junior resources in the team and take them to the next level
    • Good communication & collaboration skills.
    • Ability to articulate clearly and provide actionable criticism to team members. 
    • Extensive knowledge of graphic & video tools (Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro / DaVinci Resolve), thorough understanding of motion tools (After Effects), and 2D & 3D animation (Maya / Blender)
    • Ability to plan keeping time constraints in mind, understand viewership metrics, as well as ability to use management tools and work with spreadsheets Industry contacts & a solid network of creators, contributors & agencies that can help you realise your vision in a time- and cost-effective manner, and create content with big & small names of showbiz
    • Ability to quickly translate your ideas into scripts, storyboards, moodboards & motion for your team, and present & defend your ideas & the thought processAbility to work under pressure, and to handle multiple projects simultaneously
    • Willingness to understand the performance of your work & incorporate that feedback into your future work
    • Good understanding of social media & streaming platforms and exposure to mobile games
    • 3-5 years of experience in animation / video production. A Bachelor’s degree in animation, film, visual arts, graphic design, or any other relevant field.
    • Candidates with a Master’s degree and client + agency experience will be given preference

What would you get from GetMega?

    • The rare opportunity to join one of the hottest Indian startups with multi-million dollar funding. We are not just another gaming studio but are creating the largest skilling platform in the world.
    • Obvious sweet perks like daily catered breakfast and lunches, endless coffee, and dry snacks. We believe in enabling our employees by removing trivial tasks like packing breakfast/ordering lunch/going out for coffee etc.
    • Swanky custom-built office space. It's a fact that any individual spends a major portion of their lives in the office. There's no reason to cut corners in providing the best office space ever.
    • Reimbursements. The company will reimburse any expense made by an employee to reach our goals. Period.
    • We are open to giving out any benefits which will further empower our employees to create the GetMega which we collectively envision.
GetMega is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops individuals of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all applicants. 
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Date posted: 1970-01-01